Summer Training in Dehradun

Summer Training in Dehradun | Microsoft Summer Training

Summer Training in Dehradun

So firstly most welcome and thanks for choosing this article and I make you assure 100% that this article will be going to prove the best for you and as you are looking to take summer training in Dehradun then you are too lucky means you will have the opportunity to do it into the Microsoft company.

Just you need to read this post thoroughly so that your all doubts regarding it will be cleared.

Moreover, there is the list of courses along fee structure is also given within this article along with contact details at the end.

Note:- Microsoft provides the best summer training in Dehradun as well as winter training too.

so now without wasting your time let us consider it step by step:-

What is summer training?

Obviously, it is made up of two terms;

Summer + Training = Summer Training

Summer in the sense of training may refer to the even semester system of the universities/colleges in India.

Training may be defined as the process of giving proper practical skills to the trainees under the guidance of specialized trainers of that particular field.

Now, if we define it on aggregate then,

It may be defined as the process of making a fresher more precise in a particular domain or the process of enhancing skills of a professional so that to increase his/her productivity and efficiency at the workplace and this induction of skills is done under the guidance of experts of that field.

Who should take summer training?

It is not a hard and fast rule that it is for a particular person means anyone who eagerly thinking to enhance his/her skills can go for it.

In India and even abroad education system doing summer, training is a compulsory part of their course curriculum to induce practical skills within the students/professionals.

Who is an intern?

An intern is a candidate who is going under the process of training to avail practical implementations of a particular space.

For instance,

If you come to do a summer training in Dehradun then Microsoft gives you the designation of an intern in that particular field.

What is the duration of it?

Generally, the duration of it is 6 weeks but it may be extended more as per requirements.

Some companies may want interns for longer duration like 3-6 months or even for 1 year.

Now, but here at Microsoft, you can do it according to your need.

List some designations during training?

It depends on company requirements where you are applying for.

For instance,

If you are applying for a finance related internship then the company may offer you the position of a financial analyst intern or just an intern.

What are the advantages of taking it?

There are many advantages of doing it which are as follows:-

  • It will induce practical skills within you.
  • Increases confidence level during workplace.
  • Also, increases the chance of getting recruited easier.
  • Teaches you to work among members or team.
  • You will have the real exposure to implementing you studied classroom theories.
  • It makes a job ready-made professional in your domain.
  • If you are doing summer training in Dehradun from a reputed company like Microsoft then it is too better as it will going to make your resume more value added and so forth point you in the eye of hirers from the crowd of freshers.
  • It develops the leadership qualities within you.
  • After taking it you will be able to handle pressure situations easier than before.
  • It tells you the strengths and weaknesses of you so that later you can work to overcome accordingly.
  • You can take decisions faster as it will give you some experience.
  • At last, this is the best platform you get while studying at universities to implement your skills and much more.

List the courses in which Microsoft provides internship?

Below is the list of courses in which Microsoft offers you to do an internship:-

  • Motion
  • Embedded Systems
  • Java Training 
  • Advance Java
  • Dot Net
  • CCNA
  • Big Data & Hadoop
  • IoT
  • Android
  • C & C++
  • Php
  • Machine Learning
  • VLSI Training
  • Cloud Computing
  • Oracle Training
  • R Programming
  • AWS Certified Solutions
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Digital Marketing
  • VCP 6(VM Ware)
  • Python summer training in Dehradun
  • MCSE i.e. Microsoft Certified Solution Expert etc.

Note:- Microsoft provides the best Summer Training in Dehradun so what are you waiting for.

Also, list the courses along with fee structure?

So below is the list of Microsoft courses along with the fee:-

  • Ethical Hacking-Rs.12500
  • Internet of Things (IoT)-Rs.8500
  • Embedded System & Robotics with Ki-Rs. 9250
  • Android-Rs.7250
  • Core Java-Rs. 6000
  • Data Science using Python-Rs. 9500
  • MATLAB-Rs.7250
  • Advance Java-Rs.7250
  • ASP.Net with MVC-Rs.7250
  • Php with MySQL-Rs.6500
  • Big Data & Hadoop-Rs.8500
  • Python-Rs.6250
  • Cloud Computing-Rs.8500
  • Machine Learning with Python-Rs.9200
  • Digital Marketing-Rs.9250
  • Database with Oracle-Rs.9250
  • Core Java with Advance Java-Rs.12500
  • PLC & SCADA-Rs.6500
  • VLSI-Rs.9250
  • Game Development with Python-Rs. 9000
  • Amazon Web Services-Rs. 7500
  • Motion Control-Rs.6500
  • C & C++ Programming Language-Rs. 5200
  • Preparatory Placement-Rs. 11000
  • Analytics with R Programming-Rs.13250

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Why you should do an internship?

You should do an internship because of the following reasons:-

  • As already discussed above that it is the compulsory part of a university/college curriculum so you have to do this.
  • You have to prepare a project during the training assigned by your teachers or just you can take any topic of your choice too.
  • So you need to do proper research for the same so that you can answer the questions during viva exams and able to score marks.
  • Even you are not going to get your degree if you do not go for internship training.
  • Furthermore, if you want to implement your theoretical skills then this is the time to do so.

What is the eligibility to get enrolled in Microsoft internship?

There is very good news for you that there are no such criteria for joining the Microsoft internship only you need to just enroll in the course you want to do your internships.

Only the seats are limited so you will get the seat on the first come in the first basis per batch.

Therefore, let all worries behind and move ahead to get trained under the experts’ trainers of Microsoft.

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List all kinds of training options provided by Microsoft?

There are many kinds of options you will have which are written below:-

  • Regular Program
  • Weekend Program
  • Online Training
  • Winter Internship
  • Project Based
  • Summer Internship

Which is the best company that provides internship in Dehradun?

There is no need to introduce this global giant brand i.e. Microsoft means you already aware of it.

Luckily, now anyone can get summer training in Dehradun because recently Microsoft has started providing internships here.

What are the benefits of doing Microsoft Summer Training in Dehradun?

So let discuss the benefits which are obviously unlimited but here we are going to discuss few ones:-

  • There is no need to tell you the reputation of the giant brand i.e. Microsoft.
  • If you have the certificate from it your resume will look different than those of others.
  • You will get the opportunity of gettings training under the guidance of Microsoft experts.
  • Every one of you has this opportunity there are no restrictions for the same.
  • There is no need to pay a huge amount of fee like other training companies charges.
  • You will get quality knowledge.
  • The return on your investment will be 100%.
  • The fee charges are to lower because Microsoft aims to provide a higher quality of education instead of focusing more on other factors.

For instance,

Some training companies charge higher on the basis of assuring you to provide placements etc. but at later stages,

it will not happen at all or they just provide placements in which you will have the monthly income even lower than the monthly wages of labor.

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Why Microsoft is the best place for doing summer training in Dehradun?

Microsoft is the best one because of the following reasons:-

  • Its certificate is recognized globally.
  • It is the giant brand.
  • You will get the quality knowledge and there is no doubt into it.
  • Group special discount is there.
  • A very low fee structure you have to pay during summer training in Dehradun and you can check the same from the official website of the company that are further disclosed below.
  • Anyone can apply as per seat availability means there are no such restrictions for the same.
  • You can even register for any course of your choice online anytime.
  • The resume or cv belonging to you will look different.
  • You can also get online training and much more.

Contact details:

So if you want to take summer training in Dehradun in any available mode you need to contact by using below details:-

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  • Now Microsoft company is here to provide summer training in Dehradun so let all worries behind.
  • Special group discount is available.
  • Very low fee structure.
  • There are no such eligibility criteria means everyone you have the same chances to get enrolls in any course of your choice as per availability of seats.
  • You will get the opportunity to get training under the guidance of Microsoft expert trainers.
  • Microsoft certification is globally well recognized.

I hope you are now too excited to know about it.

What I can do for you I have already written in this article so kindly please let me know.

How do you find this article on Summer Training in Dehradun?

Is it proved informative to you?

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Thank you.

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