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No 1 Institute for Spoken English in Roorkee

So if you are looking for learning English or No 1 Institute for spoken English in Roorkee then this article belongs to you only.

Here, we are going to suggest you the right destination from where you can do an English speaking course along the contact details etc. that you can find at the end of this article.

Furthermore, we are also going to tell you the scope of English like career or jobs etc. you can do if you having good English proficiency.

Our teaching methodology:

  • We believe more in practical skills enhancing instead of focusing more on theories.
  • Weekend podium classes are conducted to improve the overall personality of the trainee.
  • Daily based conversation classes are conducted for 15-20 minutes because speaking comes by only speaking.
  • Special doubt classes are also taken on weekends or as per students requirements.
  • Flexible timings as per applicant.

Modules that we cover:

  • Basic English module
  • English Conversation module
  • Question & Answering module
  • Debates & Speeches module
  • Advance English Module
  • Public Speaking Module
  • Theory Module
  • Personality Development Module
  • English Writing Module
  • Interview Module
  • Group Discussion Module
  • Accent Module
  • Audio-Video Module
  • Email Drafting Module
  • Additional Info Module
  • Special Doubt Module
  • Podium Module
  • Listening Module etc.

How to learn English speaking in Roorkee?

So you can learn English speaking very easily means you need to join some reputed institute like the SSDN Global Institute which is the no 1 institute for spoken English in Roorkee that further provide the quality training and make you a readymade professional.

Why learning English speaking is so important in this modern era?

Learning English speaking is very important in this era because of the following reasons that are written below:-

  • Over 1.5 Billion English speakers are there globally.
  • In more than 50 countries English is spoken.
  • English is spoken in the USA & UK too.
  • India is the second largest country in terms of English speakers.
  • It does not matter you are belonging to which stream but if you are applying for any type of interview you have to face English every time.
  • Moreover, if you Google search for anything you will mainly find the content in the English language only.
  • If you are an Entrepreneur and looking for your business/concern expansion then you need to communicate with foreigners that can be easily possible if you know a foreign language like the English language.
  • Most of the formal documentation is done in the English language.
  • The syllabus of schools/colleges is also mainly written in the English language.
  • If you are looking to join some school or university of your choice in abroad then their lecturers are conducted in English language only for foreigner students that’s why they ask for TOEFL etc.
  • If you preparing for general preparation like  Bank PO, Railways, SSC jobs etc. then you have to face English as a compulsory stuff in the form of reasoning and in interviews too.
  • Private companies also take direct interviews before recruiting candidates in English only.

Note:- The Global SSDN Institute is the No 1 Institute for Spoken English in Roorkee.

Different types of training provided by the SSDN Global Institute:

  • Basic English Speaking Training
  • Advance English Speaking Training
  • Personality Development Training
  • Voice & Accent Training
  • Call Centre Training
  • Teacher’s Training Programme
  • IELTS Training
  • TOEFL Training
  • Audio-Video Training
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Conversation Training etc.

History of the SSDN Global Institute:

  • It established in the year 1990s.
  • There are 300+ centers in 200+ cities of India.
  • The SSDN Global Institute has given training to more than 5 lakhs students till date.

What is the duration of the English speaking course?

The duration of the English speaking course is about 90hrs or 3 months and some institutions claim to do so within a few days say 10-30 days which is not possible at all practically because it must practice on the daily basis for an appropriate time accordingly as per designed course of 3 months time.

Disclose some valuable tips for learning English speaking. 

  • Obviously, there is a great saying that ‘there is no shortcut to success’ means you need to apply your efforts too and that is needed first along the daily efforts by us.
  • You should daily attend the conversation classes because speaking comes by speaking and it is the universal truth.
  • Must join an institution like the SSDN Global institute that having an ultimate teaching methodology and so forth called the no 1 institute for spoken English in Roorkee among the competitors.
  • You need to attend all the additional kinds of stuff say public speaking/podium/debate/speech/GD classes on a periodic basis.
  • You must revise the course on a daily basis and also should bring your doubts and let them clear on the day of doubt classes.

Who should go for learning English speaking?

  • Anyone can learn English Speaking because our course is designed in such a way that even somebody does not know the ABCDs, can join the course without any hesitation as we start from the zero level to the advanced level.
  • The person who wants to get a job but can not able to crack an interview because of English speaking problem as almost all the interviews are conducted in the English language.
  • Anyone who wants to go abroad can go for it.
  • A candidate doing any competitive preparation like CAT, SSC, BANK PO etc.
  • Anyone looking to make his/her career in the field of teaching can go for it.
  • It does not matter in which field you are in like Engineering, Management, Medical means the English language in needed everywhere you go.
  • If some professional/employee wants to enhance its English communication and join the same.

Name the cities where we can find the branch of the SSDN Global Institute.

New Delhi, Meerut , Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Deoband, Sharanpur, Nagal, Roorkee, Haridwar, Laksar, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Shrinagar, Bijnor, Kotdwar, Nazibabad, Kithore, Garh Mukteshwar, Gajraula, Dhanaura Mandi, Chandpur, Dhampur, Hasnpur, Sambhal, Moradabad, Amroha, Rampur, Bilaspur, Rudrapur, Kashipur, Haldwani, Ram Nagar, Hapur, Siyana, Orangabad, Bulanshar, Pilkhuwa, Ghaziabad, Sikandrabad, Modinagar, Muradabad, Khurja, Aligarh, Hathrash, Delhi, Rohini(Delhi), Noida, Okhla(Delhi), Gadarpur, Thakurdwara(Moradabad), Kharkhouda, Nagina, Bakewar, Swar, Puranpur, Lakhimpur, Dhanaura, Sitarganj, Baheri Town, Bijnor etc.

Career after learning English speaking.

After learning spoken English you can be a:-

  • Spoken English Trainer
  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Call Centre professional
  • A Motivational Speaker
  • Sales Person
  • English Teacher or Professor
  • Personality Development Trainer etc.

Why is the SSDN Global Institute becoming so popular these days for learning English speaking?

SSDN Global Institute is the no 1 institute for spoken English in Roorkee because of the following reasons:-

  • You will get hands-on practical English speaking training.
  • It is the ISO 9001: 2008 Certified institution.
  • American English is accepted and spoken globally so its demand is not going to diminish in future.
  • This institute has a team of expert trainers that provide specialized training to the seekers.
  • It having 60+ branches in different major cities of India.
  • Short batches for better teaching.
  • Lifetime membership card is also provided by the SSDN Global Institue and using it you can join conversation classes lifetime means there is no extra charges are taken for the same.
  • All centers of the SSDN Global institute you will find at the right locations within the cities.

The SSDN team has a sound experience of several years in the field of training, personality development, American Accent & Communication. Furthermore, the team believes in providing quality education to the trainees/students/professionals etc.

Hence, feel free to join no 1 institute for spoken English in Roorkee so that to enhance your communication skills.

So really huge thanks for choosing this article regarding your query & hope it is resolved.

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