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Cheer up and motivate your employees with our Virtual Corporate
Wellness Contests and Curated Health Content.

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A happier and healthier workforce, holistically

  • Step Challenge

    Promote physical activity and boost employee engagement with step-tracking challenges.
  • Multi-activity Challenge

    Empower Employees with a Variety of Fitness Tasks Tailored to Individual Preferences.
  • Team Challenge

    Foster Teamwork, Collaboration, and Healthy Competition with Group Fitness Activities.

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Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Monitor your daily activities, and track your progress.


Nutrition & Hydration

Stay on top of your nutrition and hydration with real-time logs, reminders and insights.


Fitness & Exercise

7 Minute Workout: Guiding your way to a healthier you, 7 minutes at a time.

Squat Tracker: Sculpt, squat, and track your way to fitness with precision with AI.


Mental Well-being

Prioritize mental health with guided mindfulness sessions and mood journals.

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Sync Fast.

Seamless integration with all platforms and wearables to constantly monitor your wellbeing.


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