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Kermit Highfield Louisville KY Puts Light on Harm Effects of Hydrogenated Oil on Food

The worst sort of fat- Trans fat creates havoc for the body’s health, especially blood vessels, heart, and even for the whole body. The deteriorating food quality is based on trans fat, which further depends upon hydrogenated oil present in it. For years, just some of the professionals or top diet detectives could know about its presence in food items. To help you get insight and save yourself from health hazards, Kermit Highfield stresses on best ways to avoid taking it!

Why is Hydrogenated Oil Used?

Hydrogenated oil brings trans fat that raises bad cholesterol and causes heart diseases to the maximum. Most of the food items are prepared using partially hydrogenated oil that makes a negative impact on the food. There are several reasons behind using hydrogenated oil in food, such as:

  • To add texture to the food
  • To save money
  • To enhance stability
  • To extend shelf life

By keeping the focus on these benefits, the companies using hydrogenated oils affect the overall health, specifically heart health adversely.

How to Spot Partially Hydrogenated Oil?

It’s not easy to discover it, but Kermit Highfield shares some insights to help everyone and spot it to save yourself from taking it!

  • Check out the ingredients list and food labels carefully
  • Reduce reliance on packaged food as it usually contains partially hydrogenated oil
  • Resort to snacks that are naturally free of trans fats
  • Prefer healthy or plant-based vegetable oils
  • Avoid taking saturated fat foods as they usually contain partially hydrogenated oil

Follow these tips by Kermit Highfield Louisville KY and save your health.

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