Importance of English Speaking

Importance of English Speaking for Students | 100%

Importance of English Speaking

So first of all thanks for choosing this article on the Importance of English Speaking and now here, you will come to know about so many benefits for the same.

At the end of the article, we also discuss how you can learn it with ease.

Therefore, without wasting your precious time let us start it with step by step:-

Some Common Importance of English Speaking:-

There are a huge number of benefits of learning English speaking which are written below:-

  • If you know it you can earn through writing post on your blog and believe me it does not require too technical skills means anyone can do it means even who know other languages can still do blogging but then you can only target a very few locations specific audiences for your blog.

If you want to know about blogging, digital marketing then you must read this article so that to get a rough idea ab0ut it Digital Marketing Course in Roorkee

As you can find a huge number of English speakers in these countries and even other countries too.

USA ranked one globally in terms of a number of English speakers followed by INDIA that ranked second in terms of English speakers globally.

Because of these factors, INDIA is the most preferred destination for the tourists as full of varieties of different cultures, a great historical infrastructure, and well known for the spicy food etc.

  • Now if you are a student and willing to do some exposure in your skill sets then you can go abroad even for doing your internships while doing your studies at the universities/colleges.

Means instead of doing it from home town you can try it from abroad if you know an additional language like English so that it will be easier for you to communicate with the people of other countries.

As communication is the first need that you should have before entering the boundaries of other countries.

For instance,

In Hindi, we call ‘Pani’ to water and if you go abroad then when you feel thirsty then you must say it ‘water’ instead of ‘Pani’ because it is harder to understand there what you are saying in your regional language.

  • Another great importance of English speaking is that you can yourself apply for jobs using some jobs sites like indeed and can give skype interview for the same and if got selected then can go there for a specific period of time.

Note:- Before applying abroad you must have a passport and visa means visa will be provided by the company to you i.e. employment visa if you got selected by the company.

Moreover, if you belong to India and suddenly got selected for a job that lies abroad and you do not having a passport currently so you can immediately apply for that tatkal passport that will be passed within a span of just three working days.

But it is better if you apply before for the same so that to avoid any kind of hurdle in between.

  • If you are working in an MNC as a sales and marketing manager then you have to deal daily with the different kind of clients including foreigners so there also you need to have a good command on the English language otherwise it will be harder to you to survive at your designation.

This is one of the biggest importance of English speaking that you can handle a huge number of clients and able to bring more sales.

Hence, more profit to your company that ultimately too much beneficial for your professional career growth.

  • If you know other languages then it is too easier to get connected to the rest of the world means you can share your views in particular field and can help other people that facing the same problem very easily.

Whatever you know and want to share it with the other people then it is easier to share if you know a language like English because a huge number of people speaks it globally.

  • If you are just a fresher/student and thinking about to do a business means here I mean not to a location-specific shop instead I am talking about a business that may be extended even outside the boundaries of a nation then for the same you have to learn a foreign language like English so that to dealing with the variety of clients in future.

Means if you want your startup to be an MNC in future then you must be familiar with the foreign language like English.

  • If you know any additional foreign language then it works like a precious asset to you and it’s going to add additional value to your resume too.

This lets you stand apart from the crowd in the eyes of the hirers and you will become a preferred fresher among the freshers for a particular job profile.

  • It helps in improving your personality overall means like a manager can handle few regional clients but if you know English then you have advantage and quality i.e. you can able to communicate with more clients than former so this way it helps in improving your value/personality at the workplace.

If you can able to handle more clients and can bring more sales than you will be recognized by your company in relation to increments and promotions etc. Moreover, everyone going to respect you.

Note:- Here I mean not to say that if you know the single language then you have not any quality of work instead I mean to say that for explaining your quality you need to communicate it with the others or to more people so that more and more people can get benefits from your talent/quality.

Therefore, you must have knowledge of any other foreign language too. I hope you got the point.

  • Now we got a single life that we should live all the time so if you are planning to go for a tour/picnic abroad during your coming holidays then you should have the knowledge of an additional language like English because it is too harder to survive outside if you do not know the language of that region where you are planning to go in the coming holidays.

For instance,

Nowadays, many YouTubers are traveling across countries as a tourist traveler for the purpose of guiding other travelers.

So if you also want to like the same then it is only possible if you have a good command in the English language because you have to interact with the variety of people during your journey.

  • Obviously, we can not deny the importance of English Speaking/Language as it is a globally spoken/recognized language.

It is too famous because of many factors like the most important one is that it is spread geographically too much means here I mean to say that wherever you go you will surely find some people that know this language very efficiently.

So it is very easier to survive if you good command on the English language.

Note:- If you want to know more about the English language please click here.

But before clicking just read the precious points that are mention below means these points really going to benefit you a lot.

How can you learn English speaking with ease?

Here I am going to share some useful tips and if you also follow these then you also able to speak in English very quickly i.e. in just a few spans of time.

Firstly, believe me, whatever you know right now if much enough to speak a fluent English means if you still reading this line and understanding it then 90% of work is already done.

I mean to say that if you are understanding all written matter then you can learn it with ease.

Now, you just be a little crazy to advance your English that is make an atmosphere for the same watch Hollywood movies in which written menus is there.

Listen to English songs with written lyrics.

Watch YouTubes for the same.

Try to write daily articles or periodically only in which field you love to write.

For example,

You can write an article on the same topic like Importance of English Speaking. It’s sounds great.

Instead of speaking in your regional language even while you think just start thinking in English only that believe me initially it is tougher but it is like a crazy and interesting one.

Try to go to the places and stay there for long where you will find more English speakers so that you can do conversation with them.

You can join some institute for the same that guide and train you accordingly.

While learning anything new it is common that some time you feel disappointed and some time not so it is a graph of human behavior try to understand it but I mean just keep going on further.

If you are a fresher then you must be familiar with some points like 12 tenses of Grammar and make sure some people say that learning Grammar is far away from speaking it and it really a true statement but even though you must have some knowledge of Grammar too i.e. very little and anyone can easily grab it.

For example,

If you are doing some work currently and continuously like you are reading this article now so you must have some points like speaking such kind of tense we have the rules like.

I + am + Verb+ing + Object.

e.g. I am reading this article.

So I mean to say that we must have a basic understanding of 12 tenses of Grammar too.

And believe me, it is not harder to understand these.

Means you study like that you have to learn these then it is tougher and if you try to enjoy it then it would be much easier.

Always remember we have two choices the one is that start anything with making a negative mindset or with a positive mindset.

So it is far better to select the second option always.

If you have decided to do something then why not do it with full energy or passion.

The most important point it that try to do it regularly and if sometimes maybe because of some reason you will not able to do it on any day then does not matter like if  because of any ailment or occasion we are not able to do any work then  we often got disappointed so you must always remember that it is a part of our normal life means be flexible in life once you have come to your normal life then,  just start following it again. So simple.

If you start sometime to enjoy it or train you like that you are going to enjoy the things while the journey of learning anything new then believe me you can do anything in your life.

There a huge number of English speakers around the world so it is not tougher to learn it. I hope you got it.

So we can not deny the importance of English speaking in our life.

Therefore, it is the time to know how we can learn it that is further discussed below in brief.

How much time is enough to learn English speaking?

Obviously, we can not deny the importance of English speaking so let us know how we can learn it.

Today, I am easily typing this article but I have still remembered the days when I could not even able to write a single sentence in the English language.

Try to understand the meaning of two very popular saying which areas:-

  1. There is no shortcut to success
  2. Practice makes a man perfect

If you really can understand the real application of these two above popular sayings then you can achieve anything in your life as per your desires.

The most important thing is that we can shape our future accordingly our intentions.

Talent can be created with the help of hard work along smart work.

For example,

If you feel shy speaking before people then start speaking too much before people you will find difficulty in 1-2 go but later once you become habitual of it then it is really fun for you.

Anything can be possible with the help of practice in life.

Try to make the things easier not typical just start following the things instead of building a tougher image for the same.

Remember one thing we can not deny the importance of English speaking so find the ways not hurdles on the way.

Moreover, there are many ways of speaking a single sentence so never got stuck while speaking if you can not able to make understand other in one way immediately try the other one but never stuck.

For example,

If you can not speak like that

  • I want that watch

You can speak it as

  • Just give me that watch.

I hope you got it means what I want to say.

Keep increasing your vocabulary on a periodic basis that you can do by reading weekly newspapers etc.

You can start writing your thoughts in your personal diary on a daily or weekly basis that also helps you a lot.

Hence, let all worries behind and follow these rules and realize the change in you on weekly basis.

Main Problem behind learning the English speaking

It is common that we often excuse that we have not any environment so that we can do conversation so this is digital era so rest is excuses.

You are your atmosphere speak with you, just start thinking in English only, watch YouTubes, Read blogs, read a newspaper, etc.

Call to customer care they have a very good English communication talk to them means we have so many ways if we open our mind.

That is so simple just enjoy it and learn it, use it.

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  • You can do a job anywhere with ease if you have a good command of English Speaking.
  • It is much easier for you to get settled abroad if you know English.
  • If you know the importance of English speaking then you can work as a trainer.
  • You can go to visit a colorful country like India that is full of a variety of cultures, a giant historical infrastructure, well known for its spicy and variety of foods.
  • It is easier to share your views with the rest of the world.
  • If you are a manager then you can handle more clients if you the English language.
  • You can bring more sales to your company.
  • If you are a college student then you can even try to complete your internship from abroad that improves your skillset.
  • You have the option to become a traveler.
  • You can easily able to get a good job if you have good communication skills in the sales and marketing department.
  • Companies give you preference if you have good command in the English language/speaking.
  • You can go anywhere globally.

I hope this post regarding the importance of English Speaking given you much essential information.

Please comment below if you like it. While commenting just leave website tab empty if you do not have any website.

Huge Thanks for reading this article till the end.

Moreover, please also suggest me what I should write regarding English so that to help you.

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