How these Ayurvedic Medicines can cure 90% Knee Problems?

How these Ayurvedic Medicines can cure 90% Knee Problems?

How these Ayurvedic Medicines can cure 90% Knee Problems?

If you are also facing knee problems like knee pain, swelling, and also your knee sounds when you move your legs so you are reading the very right post i.e. How these Ayurvedic Medicines can cure 90% Knee Problems? because here I am going to suggest you the perfect medicines for the same.

This is a very common problem in old age and it is surprising that even some youths are also facing this these days.

Note:- These Ayurvedic medicines are written on the basis of some people feedback as they used these and get corrected their knee problems fullest.

So if you have the following problems then you can use these otherwise not which are as:-


  • Knee Pain
  • Knee Swelling
  • Your Knee sounds like “Kat kat …..”
  • You are facing these above mention problems for a few months or may be longer.

If you are facing these problems then 100% these Ayurvedic medicines will prove the best one for you that I am going to mention below.

Moreover, let all worries behind because you may be thinking that, Will it correct your knees or not?

The answer is 100% and no doubt into it but for the same, you need to follow all the rules for at least 2-3 months.

And you can yourself start feeling the experience within just one month after following all these below mention remedies.

So now I am going to mention the names of the ayurvedic medicines that are written below:-

Ayurvedic Medicines:

  1. Peedantak Vati Tablets
  2. Punarvadi Mandoor Tablets
  3. Trayodashang Guggul Tablets
  4. Aloe Vera Juice
  5. Sesame Oil (तिल का तेल)


  • Initially take 2 tablets at morning and 2 tablets at evening from each medicine before having any meal with hot water then after a span of 2-3 months you can take 1-1 tablet respectively for next 2-3months.
  • Take Aloe Vera Juice daily at morning time only but if you forget then you can take the same at any time.
  • Apply Sesame Oil at afternoon time daily in winters and in summers you can apply when you are free.

That’s it.


Use these medicines at least for a span of 3 Months but you can experience the result within just one month yourself.


  • Black/White Lentil (Urad Dal)
  • Curd-like related sour items.
  • Fast foods and oily foods.
  • Rice etc. means all the items that create either gas or a cough related problems.
  • Also, avoid allied items that come into your mind.

Other Factors:

  • Never stress yourself at all.
  • Sleep timely
  • Get up Early and do some Pranayama.
  • Never take any kind of liquid in standing position especially at the morning time because it leads to the knee problem.

Note:- Never do knee exercises initially when you have some swelling for a month then when you start feeling well nearly after 1-2 months later after taking these medicines then you can start some knee light exercises.

Yeah, doing exercise is great but do it when it is necessary means follow above medicines then after 1-2 months you can do the knee related exercises then gradually walking then running too.

  • Weight more than your capacity i.e. higher BMI is one of the major factors of knee problems so must try to lose your weight to an appropriate level.
  • Watch funny videos and remain happy means it is not possible to be happy all the time but what goes in trying.

Means all these factors play a vital role in correcting our body metabolism as, after all, we are an example of the carbon compound.

Now you may be thinking about BMI so let me clear this also for your reference.

Must Calculate Your BMI:

BMI means Body-Mass Index

It explains you the weight(in kgs) that you should have in relation to your height(in Mtrs.)

Do not worry you just need to know its application only means how you can directly use it for you.

So here if you know these two parameters then it is more than enough that are:-

  1. Your Weight(Kgs)
  2. Your Height(Meters)

Note:- If here you know your height in feets then no problem at all just change it into meters.

For example,

If your height is 5’10” (5 Feet & 10 Inches) then convert 5 also into inches i.e. multiply 5 by 12 (as 1 foot =12 inches)

so now you have 5×12=60 inches plus rest 10 inches total 70 inches.

Now you can directly convert 70inches into meters so divide these 70 inches by 39.37 directly.

70/39.37=1.78 Meters(approx./precise value)

To calculate final BMI use this formula i.e. BMI = Kg/Square Meter(Double  Multiply)

Let your weight is 72Kgs.

Then your BMI will be

BMI = 72/1.78 x 1.78

BMI = 72/ 3.12

BMI = 23 (approx.)

As now your BMI is 23

Now compare your BMI with the predefined standards that are as:-

  • BMI Range……………Status
  • Up-to 18.5 ——–Underweight
  • 18.5 to 23 …………Normal Range
  • 23 to 25 …………..Overweight(At Risk initially)
  • 25 to 30…………..Moderate Overweight(Higher Risk )
  • Above 30…………Severe Overweight(Highest Risk-like Heart attacks, knee problems etc.)

As your BMI that we have calculated is 23 then you fall under the category of Normal Range.

Therefore, you can predict that you will not suffer any risk of having old age problems like knee problems etc.

Best Way to Lose Weight:

If you having knee problem then your weight also is one of the major factor contributing to increasing the knee related problem as it is stressing your knee and damaging them steadily.

So below are some simple ways to lose your weight i.e. to correct your existing BMI.

It is far better if you can do regular basis pranayamas but mostly harder to follow the same.

So the best way is to lose weight faster – Running not walking means daily sweat out.

But it harder to run if you having a knee problem so use above mention medicines then after 1-2 months later you can start walking then running too.

But before that avoid fatty foods that have too much carbohydrates like sweets, bananas, butter, fast foods etc.

So to lose weight follow these steps while you having knee problem initially:

Do daily basis Pranayama i.e. Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati

Never take fatty foods like sweets, fast and oily foods etc.

After few months i.e. 2-3 months later start morning/evening walking then steadily running.

Remember we can correct the things in life not being in hurry but with patience and trying the same gradually means nothing can be achieved within a single day.


  • If you are facing knee pain/swelling/sounds then you can take above mention ayurvedic medicines for the same.
  • You must check your BMI and must keep a normal range body weight accordingly.
  • You should do pranayama on daily basis along light morning/evening walking but not initially instead after 1-2 months later until your swelling gone away.
  • The best way of losing weight is running but not for the people who having knee problems so follow above mention rules then you can do so at later stages when you got some relief.

Well, thanks for reading this article on How these Ayurvedic Medicines can cure 90% Knee Problems? till the end.

Hope you liked it and may this going to help you a lot.

Please comment below if you find it valuable.

Also, share it to the needy ones.

Very kind of you.

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