How Six Sigma Paves your Way Towards Success in Business?

You might have come across several people who say doing business isn’t easy. Doing business in this competitive era demands a lot of patience, discipline and determination. Some people don’t possess all these qualities and that is where their business fails. This is where the concept of Six Sigma comes into existence.

Six Sigma helps to improve the business process through statistical analysis. It eliminates the defects that are there in any type of business process.

The Six Sigma concept helps to conduct work in a better way. It improves the quality of products, improves client satisfaction and retains customers through referrals. Employee engagement also improves with Six Sigma. Execute these strategies with the help of business transformation consulting specialists who can help you identify the flaws, and eliminate them. If employees become part of the improvement process, they will make the organisation better in years to come. They are involved in online learning boosts their morale.

Six Sigma isn’t just training; it helps employees and businesses grow in the long run. You can implement these strategies in your firm with the help of business transformation consulting services. Let us go through the ways in which Six Sigma can benefit the company.

  • Time management. One of the essential skills that employees must learn at the workplace is time management. Applying Six Sigma methodology in your business will help employees to manage their time effectively. This, in return, will improve the efficiency and productivity of employees. Users are expected to set smart goals. They are expected to apply these principles to these goals. They work on three key areas:


  1. Learning skills. By this process, a person who is executing Six Sigma asks themself how often these interruptions deviate them from performing the task. How many among them honestly need my attention?
  2. With the help of performance,they can ask how these practises are helping them reach their professional goals.
  3. Users can make an action plan and its results will build learning skills. They will achieve a better work-life balance.
  • Employee motivation.These days, every business aspires to become successful. To make the business successful,employees must act in the right way, which is only possible with motivation. Studies reveal that organisations who encourage employee engagement have seen an increase in their productivity, in comparison to those who don’t. Using Six Sigma methodology at workplace will result in employee development and create an environment,and systems, that will motivate employees.
  • Strategic planning.Six Sigma can help with strategic vision. If your firm has a mission and carried out SWOT analysis then this method will guide you on areas of improvement. Seek help from business transformation consulting specialists that can help you identify the errors,and resolve them in no time.
  • Improve customer loyalty.If you want customer retention in the long run, Six Sigma helps to determine the success or failure of a firm. Customer retention is only possible if customers are satisfied. Studies reveal that most customers don’t return to a business if they are dissatisfied with their services, and the behaviour of employees working in it.Once the employee has completed the Six Sigma training from business transformation consulting firm,you can learn which product attributes are critical to product satisfaction of the client.

Six Sigma is executed by implementing the following five stages:

  • Know who the customer is, what their needs are, and their expectations from you.
  • Think about the process you want to improve.Create a plan of data collection and identify what errors and defects are taking place, and measure them against the metrics.
  • There is a need to perform analysis on the collected data. Find out what resulted in errors and which areas can be improved.
  • You are trying to find the solution to the problems you have come across. If you are unable to find the ideal solution, get help from a business transformation consulting firm. This means finding an automating process that can minimize human error and prevent ergonomic injuries.

Here are some of the ways in which you can execute Six Sigma in your business:

  • Train your staff.Train your staff on lean Six Sigma projects so that they work towards customer satisfaction by implementing them. They help to reduce wasteful activities as the main focus is product development.
  • Identify processes. Look at the processes that require improvement based on non-performing operational metrics.For instance, if customer satisfaction for a particular product falls, go through the customer support logs to eliminate the process. Also, there might be a flaw in the initial design or raw material during manufacturing.
  • Use data for decision making.Six Sigma is based on data analysis. It would be best if organisations recognise the data correctly. It will give them quantifiable information which will help in making objective decisions. There is a need to include high performance employees if such things are not done, then project teams will struggle and become ineffective.

When in business, there are many things to take care of, from the start and to maintain it for a longer duration. Even if you are an entrepreneur and have a specific set of skills, you need to have a guide to take your business to great heights. Opening a business or investing in one requires a huge amount of time and money. Thus, the Six Sigma approach will help you achieve your desired results. By active employee engagement,turn dissatisfied customers into happy ones. Execute Six Sigma and see your business grow in no time.You can execute these strategies with the help of a business transformation consulting firm near you. See your business grow in leaps and bounds by providing Six Sigma training to your employees.

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