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Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun

Firstly, most welcome & thanks for choosing this post regarding digital marketing course in Dehradun and now let me assure you that from here you will come to know all about it 100% means you do not need to go anywhere else.

Note:- Please if you are really serious then do not skip even a single line so that everything will be clear to you.

So without delaying a minute let us start discussing it step by step:-

What is Digital Marketing?

Before discussing it let us first consider the term ‘Marketing‘.

Note:- I am not here going to discuss too technically instead I will explain everything in a very common and simple way so that everything will be clear to you as a transparent mirror.

Now, just wait for a minute and think about what you think about ‘Marketing’.

May be you are thinking that Marketing is just selling out the products or services to the customers.

But it is not it, in actual.

Marketing is having a very wide scope means please never miss-concept it as just selling because selling is the last part of it.

Marketing is just like a process means it may begin from finding out the needs till its satisfaction.

Now, the above line is very common that you usually find it in the written words in the books and all but try to understand it with below example.

For example,

A new Santro car is launched recently so the reason behind it that the research team finds out the needs of Indians like what they want it then accordingly they launched it, this is called finding the needs which is the initial stage of a marketing process.

Now, its features, looks, price, quality of material used during manufacturing, colors, advertising etc. is also a part of marketing.

At last, its selling and then the feedback from customers means are they satisfied or not? or some changes are still required into it, is also the part of marketing means until fulfilling the needs and maintaining the relations with the client etc.

Therefore, marketing may be defined as the process that begins from finding out the needs till its satisfaction.

I hope now it is clear to you.

Now, let consider the term ‘Digital Marketing

Gone are the days of selling products or services door to door because a massive amount of potential customers are online all the time may be through using social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. or from popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

So this has given birth a new trending way of marketing i.e. digital marketing.

Digital marketing may be defined as promoting products or services using electronic devices or methods through the internet.

Note:- You can do a digital marketing course in Dehradun from the Microsoft company.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

There are a huge number of benefits of it which are as follows:-

Now think about the situation means suppose you have just started your business and want to sell your products in your local area then surely you have to hire salespersons that at least 2-3.

How much area they can cover in a day plus how many clients they can make out of how many they meet means hardly they can meet 20-30 people in a single day.

Now out of 20-30 people, we do not know who is our potential customer or not.

You also have to give them salaries, bike fuel, incentives and all.

So this practice ultimately will be going to increase your business cost. That’s it.

But on the other hand,  as a huge number of potential customers are online all the time so you can target them using digital marketing tactics without spending a lot of money.

For instance,

If you having a list of emails then you can do email marketing.

Using SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization which is a very good technique that helps in bringing your site to the Google 1st page and when somebody search for products that relevant with your business will come to your site.

Using SMM i.e. Social Media Marketing, you can target potential customers by free posting on Facebook or even by advertising on Facebook etc.

You can also do a PPC campaign means when somebody clicks on your ad then only you have to pay and also please note that who will be going to click over it, only potential customers. It’s great.

Hence, we have a lot of options through which we can target a huge number of potential customers.

So if we use old marketing techniques like a door to door selling then we can not boost our business too much in this digital era because we should keep running with the current trend otherwise competition will going to crush us.

Therefore, traditional marketing leads to the loss in respect of price, cost, targeting, and ROI.

Note: – ROI=Return on Investment.

What is the demand for digital marketing?

As already discussed above, now you can easily realize yourself the demand of it and talking in relation to facts and figures there will be the need of around 1,50,000 jobs by coming 2020 which is too great.

After reading this article regarding digital marketing course in Dehradun you will able to know basic requirements of it.

List top digital marketing companies?

Some top-level companies are written below:-

  • iProspect India
  • WATConsult
  • Webchutney
  • Mirum India
  • Quasar Media
  • Pinstrom
  • iStrat
  • BCWebwise
  • Resultrix
  • GroupM India etc.

Note:- Even companies like Google, Microsoft also hire online marketers,

What are the designations we get after doing a digital marketing course in Dehradun?

Some designations are as follows:-

  • Digital Marketing Executive/Associate/Trainer/Manager
  • SEO/SEM/SMM Executive/Trainer/Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager/Executive
  • Head of Digital Marketing etc.

Note:- You can go up to the position of Vice-President or even higher.

Why I should go for learning digital marketing?

It is not for a specific person like who is an MBA in marketing can only go for it instead it is for all.

Now, this is a very good question here, how it is for all?

This question creates a doubt so let me clear all.

If you have a passion for writing about something like Bollywood, cricket, education, health, tips or whatever, do you know that this writing passion can return you a huge amount of money.

This is amazing to know that if you know digital marketing then you can do so by blogging etc.

Many bloggers are earning huge by writing or even YouTubers also earning huge by making video content.

As they have their Google Adsense account.

Google Adsense means when Google approve your blog or website and then it starts showing ads to your blog then from there you will start earning which is directly proportional to the traffic on your site.

Who can do this course?

Anyone can do it if you having:-

  • Basic understanding of the Internet.
  • Creative skills
  • Communication skills etc.

List some industries where there is a demand for digital marketing?

Approximately, all the industries are indulging in promoting their products or services so there is the huge demand of it in all the industries because without marketing nothing can be sold out.

How we can earn online money?

There are many ways of earning online money which are as:-

  • Blogging
  • Vlogging i.e. YouTube Channel
  • Freelancing means making your account on freelancing sites like etc. and getting online projects from there.

Duration of course

The duration of the digital marketing course in Dehradun may range from 6 weeks to 6 months.

What is the right strategy while learning it. or mistakes to avoid.

The strategy is very simple you need lots of patience in this space.

Moreover, whatever you learn just try to implement it practically.

For example,

If you have learned how to write content on a blog then try to do it practically otherwise it will be the blunder.

What are the salaries you will get after learning digital marketing course in Dehradun?

The average salary of an Online Marketing Manager in India is around Rupees 4 lacs per year.

The average salary of an Online Marketing Manager in the USA is around 60 thousand dollars per year.

what are the skills required to become a successful digital marketer?

Skills requirement totally depends on your future goal means-

If you want to write or make videos on your passion then you can do it very easily.

And if you want a job then you should have a good command in the English language. Furthermore, good knowledge of web designing etc.

The truth behind digital marketing.

If you get into this space by taking joy then it is too good otherwise no benefit and this applies in all the domains because if you will find difficult writing content or making videos then you will not succeed so choose that thing in which you are passionate about.

Some terminologies of it.

SEO:- Search Engine Optimization

Using this technique you can able to bring your site to the Google 1st page so that you will get more traffic on your site.

It is of mainly two types i.e. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

SMM:- Social Media Marketing

When you having a content then you can share it with the social platforms for getting traffic to your site like sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

SEM:- Search Engine Marketing

You can make Google Ads for promoting your article using Google Ads etc.

Affiliate Marketing:-

Selling others products on your blog and getting a commission.

You need to make an affiliate account on e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc.

Then from there you can take affiliate links of a particular product and can put on your blog and if somebody buy from your blog/website then you will receive some commission to your affiliate account that you can further transfer to your personal bank account.

Content Marketing:-

It is nothing but making content on a particular topic in the form of words, videos, animations etc. using a blog, YouTube platforms and then providing to these contents, who need it.

Email Marketing:-

If you having a list of your potential customers along their emails then you can do an email campaign.


Be your own boss.

Just make a freelancer account on freelancing sites then you can start bidding on the projects and when somebody gives you the project, complete it and earn.

Some freelancing sites are already discussed above, you can find the same.

From where we should learn digital marketing course in Dehradun?

Now, this is the main problem as the trend of it going higher with time so you can do it from Microsoft company which is now available at Dehradun.

The second option you have that from mid-January, 2019 I will also start writing chapter wise about it and from here you will able to learn it for free.

Just go to free courses option then choose digital marketing category and start learning it chapter wise but it will be available from coming mid-January.

Is typing speed is required?

Not necessary but if you having a good typing speed then you can write faster while writing on a blog and that is always great.

I know only Hindi, is this is for me also? 

Do not worry means a huge number of bloggers are writing only in the Hindi language.

The main thing is that you need a quality content that able to add some value to the readers or users.

For example,

If someone searching to know about the Indian culture and you have written the same in Hindi in a very good manner means that is important not the language.

Many Hindi Bloggers are earning huge amount of money.

But if you want to do a job into this space then obviously you need to have a good command over the English language.

Syllabus of digital marketing course in Dehradun. 

It includes the following topics:-

  • Introduction
  • Fb Ads
  • PPC Campaign
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube Channel
  • Web Content Writing
  • Web Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Web Designing
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Sitemap submission etc.

Name the sectors where digital marketers are required?

These are required in all the sectors because we can not even imagine about a business expansion without the marketing practices.

What is the fee of the digital marketing course in Dehradun?

It depends from institution to institution and also the duration of it but range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 40,000.

Some institute gives placements guarantee also but later you will find out it a bullshit means every employer want a productive/quality employee so try to grab skills so that you will able to get a place into a company easier instead of believing on others.

Because once you having the right skills then it is not harder for an employer to give you a job.

Name the best institution for doing digital marketing course in Dehradun?

Microsoft only.

You can also do it from Doonite Academy 

Name some big personalities belonging to digital marketing space.

There are many big personalities like Neil Patel (BA pass out) who is earning around Rs. 42,000 per day by blogging only.

Another one is Amit Agarwal (IIT-Roorkee pass out) who brought Tech-Blogging in India and earning around Rs. 15,000 per day by blogging only.

Sardha Sharma(Masters in History) earning around Rs. 22,000 per day by blogging.

From where I should begin?

You should begin by making a blog account on etc.

Later once you will able to understand about it then you can purchase your own blog i.e. domain and hosting etc.

Who should do a digital marketing course in Dehradun?

Now after this huge discussion you yourself just give a minute and think this is for whom.

The answer is, for all.

If you are a student or any other professional like doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer means anyone can make content like writing or making the video so it is for all.

If you want to earn a part-time income then it is for you.

Even if you want to do a job in the same domain, then it is too good.

Digital Marketing has levels if you are in class 10 or even doing your doctorate and having some passion so it is for you.

If you are doing some kind of job even then it is for you.

Neil Patel is doing online marketing for big giants like Google, Microsoft so now you can think about the scope and demand of it.

How do you find this article?

I hope this article helped you in making a picture of digital marketing.

Please comment below. 

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Huge thanks for reading it with patience till the end.

For any query or doubt regarding digital marketing course in Dehradun you can comment below I will try to solve the same sooner.

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