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CATIA Training in Roorkee

So if you really want to take CATIA training in Roorkee that is a very demanding course nowadays for the students of engineering especially, then you are reading a perfect post regarding it.

Here, we are going to explain each and everything aspect of CATIA & CATIA Training in Roorkee so only you just need to read this article till the end so that all of your doubts will be cleared and then you left with none doubt.

Therefore, now we are going to take into consideration all these below matters about CATIA one by one that is as follows:-

What is CATIA?

CATIA may be defined as the abbreviation of computer-aided 3-D interactive application which is actually an application software for computer-based designing to making effective useful industrial purpose types of equipment that was originated by a well-known global player i.e. Dassault Systems( a French-based company).

What is CATIA Training?

So before explaining the aggregate term i.e. CATIA Training let first define both separately so that for enhancing your understandability more better regarding it.

CATIA Training = CATIA + Training 

I think you are already familiar with the term ‘Training’ but even though let take a look again

Training basically a specialized course of action that made by the team of experts of that particular field for producing the industrial readymade trainees belonging to that field.

So we already explained CATIA earlier but even though, generally speaking, CATIA is just a computer based-application software for the purpose of designing different types of structures for increasing the preciseness/accuracy of that design so that when it comes to real use then it should work as planned.

Now, by combining both the terms together we have,

CATIA Training may be defined as the specialized course of action pertaining to the use of CATIA  application software for the purpose of making designs of different types of equipment that further relating to manufacturing, engineering etc., under which freshers are guided/trained according to the current demand of industries by the well-experienced industry experts of that field so that to make them industry readymade potential employees.

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What is the history of CATIA?

In older days, we use to make the design on a paper and pen but its preciseness is too lower as planned before so for overcoming such situation there was a demand of some kind of application software, using which the preciseness of designs can be enhanced pertaining to that particular design so this way the idea of CATIA came into existence in the year 1977 that introduced by the Avions Marcel Dassault which is a french based manufacturers.

So before introducing the formal name of CATIA, it called as CATI(Conception Assistee Tridimensionnelle Interactive in the French language) in earlier days.

The formal name as CATIA  introduced in the 1980s that further marketed by well-known company i.e. IBM

Moreover, then different-different versions of CATIA came into existence time to time that we going to discuss below under separate head.  

What are the main topics that are covered under CATIA Training?

Some topics that are covered during CATIA training that are as follows:-

  • Introduction to CATIA V5
  • The concept of different types of Designing & Drafting
  • Dress-up & Duplicate Designing
  • All about the exchanging of Data
  • Assembly & Product Modeling

Who should take CATIA Training?

Truly, speaking it is not a hard and fast rule that CAITA training is only for the engineering students because nowadays companies wanting productive employees rather than looking other things means I mean not to discourage you instead if you are having a degree or diploma of the same field say engineering along CATIA training certification is far better than anything but it means that knowledge matters.

If you can add some value to the company then no company going to deny you instead gives you preference, indeed. Hence, anyone can take CATIA Training.

What are the career opportunities after taking CATIA training in Roorkee

So there is a huge opportunity awaiting for CATIA training takers in future as a fresher that are written asunder in the form of different designations/positions:-

  • CATIA Trainer
  • Civil Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • System Design Engineer
  • Technical Advisor
  • CATIA V5 Designer
  • Design Engineer etc.

How much average pay/salary will you get after taking CATIA training?

In India, the average salary of a CATIA trained professional is around Rs. 4,00,000 annually

In the USA, the average salary of a CATIA trained professional is around $ 100,000 per annum.

Hence, especially the students that belong to mechanical and civil background should go for learning CATIA practically. 

What is the application areas of CATIA software?

We are not going to discuss here applications of CATIA in too technical language instead we are going to do so informally by taking real-life consideration into account say you see many things or even most of the things that we use in our day to day life is firstly designed under CATIA application software means before its manufacturing each thing has to pass as a formal design under CATIA application software.

For instance, a car or a bike that we are using has previously designed under this CATIA software even before its manufacturing. Moreover, even the smallest kind of utility equipment that we use in daily life say a screw-driver also designed under CATIA software before going to its manufacturing.

So, now you can imagine your own the application areas of CATIA and also the importance of it including the scope of CAITA.

List some versions of CATIA that are introduced from time to time including the latest one.

So the different versions of CATIA application software that are introduced from time to time are disclosed under one by one:-

CATIA Version………Year(Introduced)

CATIA V1……………………1981

CATIA V2……………………1984

CATIA V3……………………1988

CATIA V4……………………1993

CATIA V5……………………1998

CATIA V5……………………2001

CATIA V5……………………2006

CATIA V5……………………2007

CATIA V5……………………2008

CATIA V6……………………2009

CATIA V5……………………2010

CATIA V5……………………2011

CATIA V6……………………2011

CATIA V5-6…………………2012

CATIA V6……………………2013

So the latest one is CATIA V5 & CATIA V6 family.

Name the spaces where CATIA application software is used the most often.

So, here we are going to disclose some industries/space where CATIA software is used that are as follows:-

  • Energy Space
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical Space
  • Manufacturing Space
  • Retail & Packaging Space
  • Automotive Space
  • Shipbuilding & Architecture Space etc.

What is the future of CATIA?

So, now let us discuss regarding the future scope of CATIA means, Is it safe to take CATIA training?

Now think practically, can you leave the equipment that you are using in your life like a screwdriver, a car, a bike, an airplane etc.

So obviously, the answer is No means you can not go without these and even in future if something says an alternative may come in place of these discussed items then it also requires a design which not possible without using the CATIA application software.

Hence, learning CATIA or taking CATIA training is one of the safest & secure even for the coming future i.e. its future will be more demanding and gradually keep go on & never can be diminished.

Which is the best place for taking CATIA training in Roorkee to become a readymade CATIA trained professional? 


Why CETPA INFOTECH (P) LTD., Roorkee is well-known for providing CATIA Training in Roorkee?

CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD, Roorkee is the best company for CATIA training in Roorkee because of the following reasons that are as follows:-

  • Firstly, it having a well-experienced industry CATIA trainers for CATIA training in Roorkee
  • CETPA INFOTECH is one of the ISO 9001: 2008 certified company
  • This company i.e. CETPA INFOTECH provides 100% placement assistance to their students after providing CATIA training
  • CETPA INFOTECH also provides one-year membership card to their students free of cost and the purpose of giving is that because if they face any problem, can repeat the same course a number of times for a year.
  • The training certificate provided by CETPA INFOTECH is acceptable globally
  • CETPA INFOTECH having all the latest essential CATIA software so that to provide a proper best CATIA training in Roorkee. Moreover, it having all the infrastructural facilities that are necessary while taking CATIA taking in Roorkee along a well-established working and teaching environment
  • The validity of CETPA INFOTECH CATIA Certification is the lifetime so you not need to clear it again and again.

List the available kinds of CATIA training in Roorkee by CETPA training company.

So the available types of it written here:-

  • Summer CATIA Training in Roorkee
  • CATIA Internship based training in Roorkee
  • CATIA Winter training in Roorkee
  • Weekend CATIA Training in Roorkee
  • CATIA Online training in Roorkee
  • Regular Class-Room based CATIA Training in Roorkee etc.

What is the preferred teaching methodology of CETPA while providing the CATIA Training?

So, here we are going to explain it very briefly because you can see that your own as the CATIA training should be given as per current industries demand by hands-on training methodology so CETPA Infotech is providing CATIA training in with the same method.

Therefore, after taking CATIA training in Roorkee by CETPA INFOTECH you will become a readymade CATIA professional.

Hence, for taking a professional CATIA training in Roorkee only go for joining CETPA INFOTECH that is the best CATIA training Company in Roorkee according to the experience of past students who are working in topmost MNCs all around the globe.

Finally, I hope this article has cleared all of your doubts regarding CATIA so please share to needy ones. Furthermore, please never forget to comment if you like this post.

Huge Thanks! Reading this article.

So for taking CATIA Training in Roorkee kindly contact to:-

Mr. Himanshu Tyagi (Technical Trainer @ CETPA)

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