Can I Buy Prescription Drugs Online?

Can I Buy Prescription Drugs Online?

An online pharmacy may sell prescription drugs, but may not send them to your home. However, there are ways to order and receive home prescription medicines from legal sources online. See how to get a prescription drug online and also – how to quickly get a prescription using new technologies – a computer. Get the answers from reliefseeker.

Does an online pharmacy sell prescription drugs?

The way the online pharmacy works is similar to online stores, but only for a part of the range. You can buy over-the-counter medicines without any restrictions at online pharmacies.

On the E-commerce platform, the patient:

  • chooses a product
  • places an order
  • determines the form of payment,
  • selects the shipping method
  • and gives the destination address.

That’s all. It remains to wait for the parcel, which should reach the indicated address within a few days. The situation is different with prescription drugs. They are available in many online pharmacies, but their sale is subject to many restrictions. How to buy prescription drugs online and is an online pharmacy the only option for patients looking for online medicines from legal sources?

How can I buy prescription drugs online?

To legally buy prescription medicine online, the patient must first have a prescription. This is an unconditional requirement, regardless of whether the medicines are bought at a stationary or online pharmacy. This means that the patient must first consult a GP or specialist.

It is worth remembering that the progress in the field of medicine, technology and subsequent changes in legislation allow for the so-called medical teleconsultations, i.e. visiting and obtaining a prescription online – without leaving home, without contacting a doctor directly, using only ICT tools. Especially in the case of chronic diseases, it is worth using such convenient solutions. Telemedicine is also a comfortable solution for people who are ashamed of visiting a doctor.

How does the pharmacy sell prescription drugs online?

When buying a prescription drug at an online pharmacy, the patient chooses a pharmacy prescribed by a doctor on the website. If the medicine is not refundable, the order can be placed immediately. If, however, you are entitled to a refund, you must first fill in a few fields in a special form, which will allow you to determine the level of payment, i.e. the final price to be paid by the patient.

Then you can put the product in a virtual basket and place an order. In a traditional online store, or if you sell over-the-counter medicines, the final step would be to indicate the address to which the courier is to deliver the parcel – usually your home address. However, when it comes to prescription drugs, the procedure at online pharmacies looks completely different.

Does online pharmacy send medicines home?

Polish regulations state that an online pharmacy can sell prescription drugs, but cannot send them to your home or other address. Pharmaceuticals available at the doctor’s prescription must be picked up in person at one of the stationary pharmacy outlets, even if ordered at a stationary pharmacy. In this case, therefore, the delivery options are limited to choosing the particular pharmacy to which the ordered product will go.

Mail-order sales of prescription drugs may be possible from 2020 due to the entry into force of the so-called e-prescriptions, however, this facility will only apply to patients with a disability certificate. However, you should know that now there are completely legal ways to get prescription medicine without leaving your home.

How can I buy prescription drugs online with home delivery?

Online clinics providing telemedicine services combine two functions. First, by providing telemedicine services – online medical consultations, they enable you to receive a prescription online. In this case, the patient pays only for online medical consultation. Based on the answers given by the patient in the medical form, the doctor decides about the legitimacy of issuing a prescription. The further procedure depends on the patient.

The clinic can send a prescription to the address provided so that the patient can realize it on their own in any pharmacy. The outpatient clinic can also, after prior authorization by the patient, collect the prescription on his behalf and then deliver the necessary medicine to the indicated address. So it’s a double convenience. Importantly – all medicines come from legal sources, the patient prepays the medicine. Outpatient clinics fulfill prescriptions in official pharmacies, in this case, the clinic only acts as an intermediary.

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