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Best Mobile App Development Company in Delhi

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Before going further let me assure you 100% that your all the questions belonging to your app will be cleared for sure.

Here I am going to discuss really important points like:-

How to select the right company?

What is the development cost to get build an app?

How much time it will take to make an application?

How can you get made your app in low budget?

Which is the best mobile app development company in Delhi?

Also, I am going to discuss some business ideas and mistakes regarding it and much more allied and useful information.

So now without wasting even a single minute let me move ahead in a step by step format so that it will be easier for you to understand:-

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Is it the right decision about going to develop a mobile application?

As you may be aware of the fact that the world total population is about 7.7 billion and out of which 5 plus billion carrying smartphones in their pockets that means around 65 percent of the global population having smartphones.

Now you can imagine that if you have even a single app then how much people you can target in one go.

This is huge figure and this is actually becoming more bigger year after year gradually with the period of time.

How you can choose the right company for your app development?

Before selecting the company must check out these following points:-

  • Free Consultation

Yes, if a company letting you know all about you want to know then what goes into that and it also gives you some conformity that it is genuine.

Or ask whether they are providing a free consultation or not.

  • Demonstration

So if you are a new customer then you may feel some insecurity for approaching but if the company showcase some work to you as per your requirements then you will not feel so at all.

You should ask for the demonstration of work pertaining to your requirements.

  • Ready to do Partnership

There are very few companies that do partnership if you are having some good idea and wanting to convert it into an application but you might lacking budgets for the same but to solve this issue some great companies do a partnership with you and helps in launching your dream into the reality.

Must ask if the company ready to do partnership or not if you are lacking the budget or having some financial issues.

  • Post Sale

The professional kind of concern provides all kind of support even after selling their service to the clients.

It does not mean that once the service is given the work is over.

  • Prices

There are many that charge a big amount in return of their services or products instead of charging as per the industry averages.

Also, some big brands are also charging higher rates because of their brand name.

  • Reminder Service

A professional kind of concern always provide this assistance to the clients through emails, calls, etc. so that in case any client forget something important regarding availed service then it can be reminded on time.

Must ask if they are providing the same service or not.

  • Quality

They must provide quality service or product instead of talking other things all the time.

Some even provide full one-year free assistance. Hence, they are genuine enough.

  • Last but not Least i.e. Common Mistake & Solution

This is one of the common mistakes that we usually do that sometimes get stuck with such kind of company that does not provide end-to-end services it means they do the same partially like only designing portion of your application.

Then for rest work you have to approach to the other one and this way your application functionality and usability will be going to destroy fully.

Even having a great mobile app idea your dream will go in vain at the end. Moreover, your time and money will be going to waste a lot in the later stages.

Therefore, never approach such kind of companies as they bait you by saying that they only charge a few amounts of money in return of their partial service given to you.

Hence, always go for end-to-end service providers because at-least here you will be having some kind of surety that the company you are approaching having a team of professional experts that are capable of fulfilling your requirements.

Note:- At the end of this article, you will find so many facts, information that will prove very essential for your business and also I am going to tell you a budget or finance range you will require for launching a full-featured e-commerce application for your business.

How can you beat the competition even as a startup?

It will be far better if I will explain to you by giving an appropriate example.

Many clients who want to get into the dating services segment they usually say that they need a clone dating application only.

But this way it is harder to beat the well-established players so in this case you need to give a second thought.

Also, it does not mean that you can not beat the competition. You can. But now-a-days community to community dating is too famous.

Ex. IT Professional to IT Professional dating, Sportsperson to Sportsperson etc.

Another example can be a food delivery mobile application.

I mean to say that your idea should be unique instead of copying the idea of others.

See, if your idea will be unique then it also going to lower your many costs like marketing costs etc.

As a unique idea spread mouth-to-mouth too faster or even other blogger starts doing blogging for the same. I hope you got the point.

 How much budget is required for launching a mobile e-commerce/ food delivery/dating app for a startup, business?

For launching a full-featured e-commerce app you may need to spend within the range of 12k to 15k USD.

Describe food delivery and dating service segment app business ideas.

Dating Sector:-

The Online Mobile Dating Sector total revenue amounts to US$5,696m in the year 2019.

The segment is expected to generate an annual growth rate of 5.4% (CAGR 2019-2013) which total revenue amounts to US$7,038m by the year 2023.

Matchmaking is the largest segment that amounts to US$3,049m in the year 2019.

If compared worldwide then the most revenue come from the United States that amount to US$1,813m in the year 2019

Food Delivery:-

Online Food Delivery Sector Analysis:

 Alone, the United States, the revenue amounts to US$22, 073 in the year 2019.

This figure is expected with an annual growth rate of 6.5% ( CAGR 2019-2023) that will results in US$28, 398 by the end of the year 2023.

Restaurant-to-Consumer delivery is the market’s largest in the United States that amounts to US$13,356m in the year 2019.

Now, if we compare the statistics globally then China is ahead with US$40,239m in the year 2019 and this figure expected to grow with a growth rate of 9.5% and further going to results into a market value of US$57,804m by the end of 2023.

After the US, China, there is another big name i.e. India that having revenue worth US$7,730mbut it is expected to grow with growth rate 12.8% that leads to worth US$12,563m by 2023 and even much higher with the passage of time.

 What are the benefits of a business mobile app?

  • Send Geo-Targeted push notifications
  • Enhance engagement of potential customers.
  • A better way of collecting the data for remarketing purposes
  • Helps in retaining the clients for long
  • It helps in bringing more sales. Hence, huge business profits, etc.

What is your biggest mistake as an entrepreneur if you always ignore a business mobile app for your startup or business?

If you are doing so then you are losing a big number of prospects.

Your customer retention rate will be lower as a comparison to those having the same say your competitors.

You can not able to send Geo-Targeted push notifications.

Most of the entrepreneurs think that having a business app is a liability instead it is a kind of investment provided you are not having a free kind of application made with the free online available tools.

Furthermore, there is about 65% of the global population using mobile phones and it is expected to grow gradually with a period of time rapidly.

How an app brings lots of sale for you?

Applications having the capacity of bringing a huge sale for your business as already discussed that with the help of these you can do many kinds of stuff like sending Geo-Targeted push notifications, gathering useful data for the purpose of remarketing, you are online all the time.

Therefore, the sky is the limit in relation to sales.

What are the different types of applications?

Mainly, there are three kinds that are as follows:-

  1. Hybrid Applications for all platforms altogether with Angular Mobile Sencha Touch, React Native, Ionic, and Xamarin, etc.
  2. Native Applications
  1. a) Android on Java
  2. b) Windows Phone on Net
  3. c) iOS on Swift or Objective-C
  4. The third one is Web Applications as responsive versions of a website to work on any mobile device.

 How apps can skyrocket your business ROI?

  • Advantage over competition
  • Increases client retention rate
  • The best tool for remarketing purposes.
  • Enable Geo-Targeted push notifications
  • These are faster, engaging, interactive and easier to navigate.

What are the basics of blockchain technology and development?

It does not matter you belong to which stream but you must have a basic understanding of blockchain technology and development because it is the future.

Now let us understand the blockchain technology with an appropriate definition.

Blockchain technology is a kind of technique that can transfer Bitcoin & related cryptocurrencies from one individual to another digitally and instantly without having any third party interface like RBI (i.e. Reserve Bank of India).

Now you may be thinking of Bitcoin which is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency that does not regulate by any central authority.

This technology was founded in 1991 by Stuart Haber & W.Scott Stornetta but became popular after the concept of Bitcoin that invented by an unknown person or group of persons named Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008.

Note: – Nowadays, especially the government and the banking sector worldwide also trying to use this technology to speed up their transactions and to protect their system from being hacked.

Hacking of blockchain applications is impossible because hackers have to hack a huge number of computers at one go at a point of time.

The blockchain is formed & the same information is passed in the complex format to another block and so on.

What are the services provided by mobile app development companies?

These are the services are being provided in the following domains:

Android, iOS, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, Hybrid application, IoT, Real-time, Augmented & virtual reality, UX/UI, Wireframe prototype design, Mobile application consultancy, and Allied services.

What are the benefits of an e-commerce application for your startup/business?

As per Google 2016 publication around 60%, Smartphone users engage only specifically for knowing about products, prices, discounts, offers, reviewing products, buying and comparing products and out of which around 70% go for purchasing the products that are really great information to know especially for the startups and businesses.

Why startup restaurants & cafes need mobile apps?

Startup restaurants and cafes need the same because of the following reasons:-

  • Cost-effective
  • To notify customers
  • For bringing a huge sale
  • For enhancing overall profits
  • To reach more potential customers within geographical boundaries
  • Increases brand awareness and goodwill at the marketplace
  • To personalized mobile app experience
  • Competitive advantages in this digital age
  • To retain customers
  • For improving services and enhancing the visits
  • For collecting useful data to remarketing through emails, calls, etc.

Is it right to make a free app for your business using free online tools?

First of all, there is nothing free in this competitive world and secondly, it is a mistake to do so for your businesses.

Because apps that are made using online free tools, not having many fully activated features that going to destroy your goodwill at the marketplace in the long run.

This is the human psychology that we do more focus on free the things but it is not right in all the situations.

But many things like spending for the application is an investment, not a liability.

The team required for developing such kind of app.

  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Technical Architect
  • Android Developer
  • DevOps
  • Backend Developer
  • HTML Developer
  • Q/A Engineers
  • Laravel Developer

Why choose Appther?

  • Full 1-year free assistance
  • Bugg-free apps
  • Faster services
  • Years of expertise
  • Free demonstration
  • Real-time updates
  • Strong portfolio
  • Quality work
  • Cost-effective Rates
  • Reminder services
  • Partnership facilities
  • Free consultation
  • End-to-end services
  • Post sale support
  • Timely delivery
  • Well-experienced professional team of experts
  • Latest technology used in the apps etc.

How to make a dating app like Tinder, Skout in low budget?

The answer is really simple that approach an end to end mobile app development company that has good expertise in the same domain and trying hard to become a brand into their industry space.

These kinds of companies never charge higher rates in comparison to well-established big brands that usually charge higher rates for the same.

This way you can get the same quality within your budget limits. Moreover, some companies also offer partnership facilities too.

e.g.  Appther Mobility Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Noida, INDIA.

How many ways are there to earn with the dating app.

There are so many ways that are listed below:-

  1. Through Subscription Fee
  2. Place direct third-party Advertisements and charge for the same
  3. Charge for unlocking certain kind of advanced features
  4. Further, you have huge data that can be used for remarketing purposes, etc.

Note: – This year Tinder will be going to generate US$800m+ which is roughly just double than the last year that was US$400m.

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Stack Technologies used for developing a Dating App:-

  • PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Apple and Google Pay for payment
  • Google Analytics of Analyzing
  • AWS and Azure for cloud
  • Google Map SDK for locations
  • Sendbird
  • Docker
  • Cloudinary
  • Sendgrid
  • NodeJs, Python, PHP, Golang for backend language
  • Cassandra, Mongodb, Hbase, Cloud SQL, Sqlite, firebase for database
  • Redis for caching
  • Laraval for admin panel
  • Rabbitmq for message broker

What makes Appther a market leader in the space of mobile app development?

These are some points that helped Appther to set a benchmark into the marketplace:-

Appther has a team of experts belonging to the designing & development that can handle any type of project even for the global or foreign clients also.

Appther has a high level of expertise in planning, designing, development, testing, feedbacking & launching Native, Cross Platform iOS & Android applications like React Native, React .js, Phone Gap, Appcelerator, Meteor, etc.

It has completed over approximately twenty-five hundred projects till date in the same domain so having a huge diverse experience for handling any kind of project pertaining to the mobile app development.

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  • An application is no longer a luxury rather it has become a necessity otherwise you will be out of the competition in this digital era.
  • This is one of the best ways of getting better engagement from the prospects as well as existing clients.
  • You can send Geo-Targeted push notification only with the help of an application. Moreover, your retention rate will be higher & also, you can collect data for remarketing.
  • It helps in bringing huge sales. Hence, profits as around 70% as the world population is on Smartphones and out of which approximately 66% go for comparing, reviewing, purchasing the products and services which is a huge count in itself, etc.
  • The world population is about 7.7billion and out of which more than 5 billion having smartphones i.e. around 65% global population have smartphones.
  • If you know nothing how to get made and which company will be best for you regarding it then check all these in relation to a company that is pre-demonstration, genuine prices, reminder service, service, and product quality, post-sale, free consultation, offer partnership, etc.
  • Appther is the best mobile app development company and also the market leader in the space of converting your ideas into mobile applications. Appther provides 100% free consultation, 1-year full free assistance, free demonstration,   etc.

Hope this regarding  post has cleared you many things regarding your query.

If still, you have any kind of question then you can leave a comment below & I’ll answer you at the earliest for sure.

Well, really thanks for reading this till the end.


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