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Best Gym in Roorkee 

So if you want to shape your body like WWE wrestlers say the Great Khali and so forth looking for the best gym in Roorkee then this post is only for you.

Just after the list, you can find more useful findings and information pertaining to it like benefits to health, why should you do this, the right way of doing this and much more so must read it till the end.

Because you will find very valuable information/knowledge at the end of this article.

Now without wasting your time let us move ahead.

Here is the list of the best Gym in Roorkee along address, website, contact details etc. 

Crossroads Fitness

Address: II Floor, Vivek Tower, 28 Civil Lines, Boat Club Road, Rke, Uttarakhand-247667, INDIA


Phone: 097607 76797

Body Temple 

Address: Avas Vikas Colony, Ramnagar, Rke, UK

Phone: 097600 00018


Oceanic Fitness Center

Address: Civil Lines, Rke, UK, INDIA

Phone: 096901 64050



Address: Unnamed Rd,, Rajendra Nagar, Roorkee-247667, Uttarakhand 

Phone: 090124 59871

Note:- After this list of the best Gym in Roorkee, you will have a very important discussion and if you are a beginner then you must read this thoroughly till the end as you will find former there.

Moreover, a conclusion is also given at the end of this post.


Address: 33/1, Railway Station Rd, Bhagirath Kunj, Rke, UK 


Contact: +91 1332 276966

Must read below instructions if you are a beginner and want to build body:-

Now, this was the list of the best gym in Roorkee so let’s talk more about some important aspects step by step that are disclosed below in the form of questions and answers.

What are the benefits of doing the physical workout?

Some important benefits of doing it are as follows:-

  • Although, there are unlimited benefits of doing the physical workout but the most important that it makes you a very disciplined person.
  • It corrects the shape of your body.
  • It helps in creating a mental peace.
  •  Organizes all the internal organs at the right place.
  • Enhances the working capacity of you at the workplace.
  • Helps in sharpening your mind potential.
  • Eliminates body stress and brings a feeling of joy.
  • It increases the self-confidence within you.
  • Now you will have a smarter look than before.

Who should join the Gym?

Yeah, this is the great question and the answer is that anyone can join it.

Furthermore, everyone should join it.

But before joining it you must ask for the purpose of doing it.

Like if you just want to be fit and fine then do not do this too much.

And if you want to be like a WWE the Great Khali then you need to work harder.

But my personal suggestion to you is that if you are a student and your goal is to become a professional in some domain like engineering, management, medical etc. then you should not do it too harder instead just make a habit of doing it lesser but regular.

Moreover, you can leave it during exam days means be flexible but never let it.

Note:- Above there is the list of the best gym in Roorkee so to check kindly scroll up to the top. 

How much time it will take to build the body?

It totally depends on your hard work means some guys build their body within 6Months to 1-year time span only and some able to do so in longer duration.

But you should not be too early instead be regular because lifting too heavy weights may permanently damage your muscles so instead of pulling too heavyweights, in the beginning, you need to do it regularly and at later stages, you can go for former under the guidance of an expert trainer.

When to join it?

It is not any hard and fast rule means you can join it anytime but it will be better if you have crossed 18+ age and if you are a teenager then you should not go for heavyweights initially as still, you are in the growth stage.

How long you should keep doing this?

You should do this lifetime as it going to benefit you only by organizing the body and its mechanism.

For instance,

A True Story:

At my village, there was an old man I have remembered till date that he used to walk daily for 3-4kms even in his 90+ age and later he died at the age of 97 which is too great.

What is the best time to do physical exercise?

As per my personal suggestion, I would like to advise you to do this any time of the day but if it is possible then prefer it at the morning time.

Because at dawn time there is less pollution in the surroundings as compared to the daytime so we have more fresh air at the morning time. Therefore, always prefer it to the morning.

But now you might do a great mistake i.e. if you are unable to do this in the morning time then you can join it in the evening time.

Note:- Never do this after having a heavy meal.

To check the list of the best gym in Roorkee please find to the beginning of this article.

How to find the purpose behind doing it?

First of all, ask yourself, what you want to be? or why you want to do this? means if you are a student, a home-maker then do not be too worry instead do a light workout and do it regularly. That’s it.

I meet often such persons who get disappointed because they think that they should build the body like the Great Khali and then can not able to do so then they left.

This is completely a bullshit and nothing else.

There is a great saying, “Health is the Wealth”.

This is too bad so just make a routine of doing it and it does not matter you do it heavy or light means both strategies are right.

Should you take the supplement while doing it?

This is the biggest mistake that beginners often do they start taking artificial supplement powders for making quick body but in long run, it will going to damage your body.

Because think about a situation if somebody says you to lift 1000kgs then what will be going to happen means it is not possible at all.

Therefore, we have our physical capacities and we should not pull heavier than our capacities.

Note:- We do not recommend any from the above list of the best gym in Roorkee means you can join any which fall near to you or your home.

For instance, 

A True Story:

I know one guy and he has a very weak physique but good height so then he thought that he has a good height and if he able to gain some quick weight then he will look smarter and this thought attracts him to the artificial supplements advised by some expert trainer who also selling those artificial supplements.

After that, he started taking that supplement powder with milk and suddenly he started feeling more hunger all the time.

Suddenly, he started eating a lot all the time so it hurts his liver badly after some months although he gained too much weight within a span of just two-three months.

Note:- This article on the best gym in Roorkee does not mean to demotivate anyone.

But as soon as he started feeling stomach ailment then within a few days he becomes weaker than before.

So be natural have food/meal but not in one go just make a timetable for the same or have it after every 2-3 hours or as per expert trainer.

The best supplements that I think is Desi chana, banana, curd, milk, dry fruits, and daily basic meals that we eat.

But unluckily, we think that non-veg, eggs, fish, artificial supplements are good but not and I am saying this on a practical basis.

We have inactive appendix at our large intestine which is active in animals like lion, tiger etc. but not in humans so if our body is built for digesting veg only then non-veg is just for taste. That’s it.

Never do this blunder, never go for non-veg kinds of stuff.

One of the world’s strongest animal i.e. Elephant is fully vegetarian.

List top mistakes that you do while doing physical workouts. 

Patience is the key so there is the biggest mistake that beginners often just join any health or body building club and from the very first day, they start doing heavy exercises and lifting heavy weights taking artificial supplements and all allied kinds of stuff.

I do not know why you are in such a hurry always.

We should have patience instead showing hurry you should be regular.

If you really want to develop your body then you should do so under the expert trainers.

Now, who is an expert trainer?

You must check whether those trainers having a good physique or not.

Otherwise, no benefit of taking advises.

I hope you got it what I mean to say.

I think this article on the best Gym in Roorkee helped you a lot.

Why there is the need of doing physical exercise?

There is a huge need of doing daily physical exercise because of the following reasons that are disclosed under one by one:-

Firstly, nowadays, everyone wants to look smarter which is only achieved by doing the daily workout.

No one wants to get into the stage of ailment means everybody wanna a fit and healthy life and without exercise, it is next to impossible.

Daily workout habits is really a great one as it takes away laziness from us and so forth makes us more active towards our work.

For example,

You have seen people who never do any physical exercise at all and they are too lazy and these kinds of person in later stages fall into some rare kind of illness like depression etc.

It enhances the working capacity of the individuals at the workplace.

Note:- When someone just started doing gym after selecting the one from the list of best gym in Roorkee or somewhere else if he/she belongs to this location then for few weeks that may range from 1-3 weeks brings stress and due to which some guys just left it during this phase but it is actually the biggest mistake because after this span of time you will not feel so instead you will become an energetic person.

As you have seen many people who do exercise on daily basis and then you find it amazing means you may think how it is possible.

This is only possible because they have just crossed the phase one means the initial weeks from counting 1-3. That’s it.

Another reason of discontinuing this is because of other reasons.

For example,

If you are a student and your exams will be coming or just going on then you have to discontinue your workouts/exercise and even after exams you remain discontinue which is just a habit.

Instead, you should keep it continue again because it is not even possible to the great WWE champion to do so.

Actually, this happens because of our habit and the way we think in life so we need to work for the same so that to overcome such conditions.

The most important is that we can easily change our habits and the only way to do so by applying mental force against it.

Moreover, along applying mental force you need to repeat the new habit that you want to build within you means you need to do a daily practice for it i.e. to build a new habit.

Everything is possible in life if we able to understand the psychology of human beings.

What is the right way of doing physical exercise?

If you are looking to join it then I think you must not lift too heavy exercises at the beginning or better go for morning or evening walking for a month and keep doing it along it also.

Because this idea of walking opens your body or make an atmosphere for you before joining any body building club etc.

And if you want to shape your body like the Great Khali then must take training under the guidance of a professional expert trainer.


  • Everyone should do this.
  • Prefer it to the morning time but it is not the hard and fast rule.
  • Never do blunder of taking non-veg, artificial supplements etc.
  • At the beginning never do too heavy liftings or heavy exercises.
  • Lift heavy weights under the guidance of an expert trainer.
  • Do it regularly but be flexible if you are a student.

Well, huge thanks for reading this till the end.

Do you find this article valuable on the best Gym in Roorkee & what you have learned from this?

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