24 Basic Spoken English Phrases for Daily Use Conversation

24 Basic Spoken English Phrases for Daily Use Conversation

24 Basic Spoken English Phrases for Daily Use Conversation

Welcome & thanks for choosing this article regarding 24 basic spoken English phrases for daily use conversation so here you will come to know really essential daily life must know English sentences.

Note:- At the end of this post there is a video too that you can watch for understanding verbally all these phrases after reading.

Without wasting even a single minute let me explain that you can find just below:-

  • How is it going? 

Q. How are you?

A. Fine/Not bad/Pretty well etc.

  • What have you been up to?

Q. What have you been doing right now?

A. I have been studying/playing/blogging etc.

  • How have you been?

Q. How were you?

A. Good. You?

  • How about (something e.g. lunch)?

Q. How about we play PUBG later?

A. Sure, sounds good!

A. Sorry, I can’t.

  • Sorry, I can’t.

Q. Can you join me?

A. Sorry, I can’t. I’m busy.

  • Sure, sounds good!

Let’s play football.

Sure, sounds good!

  • Do you want to (verb 1st form e.g. play)

Q. Do you want to get a new car?

A. Yeah, I’m.

  • What do you call this?

When you are confused about something or do not know the name of something & wanting to ask the same to someone.

  • How do I get to (place name e.g. Haridwar, India)?

When you want to ask the way that should follow to reach somewhere while on the way or before.

  • Have a nice evening!

After meeting in the evening time, we usually say “good night” but native speakers say it only when they just going to the bed otherwise they often use this one.

  • Have a good one!

Have a good day!

  • Can I have (something e.g. that shirt), please?

You can use it usually while shopping in conversation with shop worker.

e.g. Can I have that blue shirt, please?

  • How do I do this/that?

When you want to do something specific but no idea about it.

  • How late are you open?

When you ask someone like a shop closing time.

  • When do you close?

Used in the same situation as above.

  • Do you have any plans for (point of time e.g. tomorrow)?

Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Yes, I’ve got an awesome plan to go to the picnic this weekend.

  • My (body part) hurts.

We usually say like “I have got stomach pain” but native speakers instead say “my stomach hurts”.

  • How much is this/that?

When you ask the price of something you are going to buy.

  • What did you say?

When you unable to understand the last words spoken by someone.

  • What does that mean?

When you just unable to understand the meaning of something.

  • I don’t feel so good.

If you do not want to specify the things like I have got the fever then you can simply use this one as an alternative.

  • I need to go to the (location e.g. temple).

I need to go to the temple.

  • I have to (verb 1st form e.g. go).

I have to complete this work right now.

When you just do or going to do something.

  • When are we leaving?

For instance,

You and your friend or a family member are with you in a party and you want to ask him the leaving time from that party so we usually say when are we going? but it is not common with native speakers means they use this instead, indeed.

Here below is a video that having all these written phrases that explained verbally by Alisha ( US-based tutor).

I hope this post proved very beneficial for you & helps in boosting your spoken English to the advanced levels.

If you are facing any problem in speaking English then you can ask the same in the below comment box & then I’ll surely answer you the earliest.

Thanks once again for reading this article till the end.

Have a good one!

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