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When it comes to marketing for Medical Practices, Hospitals & Assisted Living, the traditional marketing approach just does not fit. And why you ask? Because these are the industries that are close to the hearts of the community, to people.

At The Mauldin Group (TMG), we understand the challenges faced by companies in the medical practice and assisted living industries. Communicating with your patients, residents, and clients is deeply personal, even emotional. They need to know that you care about them, their families and their lives.

Voted Top Medical (Marketing)
Agency By Healthcare Business

The Mauldin Group has built a reputation over 10 years in helping businesses with their Digital Marketing and Web Solutions needs. And during that time, we have found a gift for especially helping businesses and professionals struggling in the highly competitive worlds of medical practices and assisted living communities. We totally get you.

We as a team have faced health scares, been up late with sick children, been through covid together. And, had the difficult moments of watching our parents age-requiring advanced health and memory care.

We’ve been your audience, your focus group, and needed your services. That is why The Mauldin Group is one of the highest-searched marketing agencies for Medical Practice Marketing and Assisted Living Marketing. We are also proud to say that we recently were chosen as The Top Medical (Marketing) Agency by Healthcare Business Review.

Did You Know…According to the 2020 Census, 1 in 6 People in the United States Are 65 and Over.

Noted Healthcare And Assisted Living Marketing Clients

The Mauldin Group believes are clients are the best. We are proud to have worked with several leaders in Medical Practices, Hospitals & Assisted Living. And we are ready to work with you too!

How Do We Market Medical Practices,
Hospitals & Assisted Living?

Glad you asked… if you are a business or professional struggling with your communication and marketing needs, The Mauldin Group can offer you solutions that bring new patients in the door and increase residents in your community.

  • We listen to you to learn about your business, practice, or community; what makes your unique so we can promote that effectively.
  • We evaluate what your exact marketing needs (and wants) are, as well as what HAS and HASN’T worked in the past.
  • We research to know your industry, services, and your competition.
  • We understand budgets and work with you to find marketing solutions that deliver results affordably.

The Mauldin Group team of creative marketing and media experts listen to identify what you want, as well as what you need. We offer solutions that can meet you where you are in your business marketing plan but with your future goals in mind.

Did You Know…Healthcare Searches are performed every minute.

Unique Digital Marketing Services For Medical And Assisted Living Clients

Whether you know exactly what you want or have no clue, TMG offers a large variety of digital marketing services catered to the unique needs of medical practices and assisted living communities. Many of these can be bundled to create a custom program for reaching your customers across several platforms and media outlets.

Communication Your Way, With Your Passion, In Your Voice

  • Marketing for Allergists
  • Marketing for Immunologists
  • Marketing for Anesthesiologists
  • Marketing for Cardiologists
  • Marketing for Colon and Rectal Surgeons
  • Marketing for Critical Care Medicine Specialists
  • Marketing for Dermatologists
  • Marketing for Endocrinologists
  • Marketing for Emergency Medicine Specialists
  • Marketing for Family Physicians
  • Marketing for Fertility Clinics
  • Marketing for Gastroenterologists
  • Marketing for General Surgeons
  • Marketing for Geriatric Medicine Specialists
  • Marketing for Hematologists
  • Marketing for Hospitals
  • Marketing for Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialists
  • Marketing for Infectious Disease Specialists
  • Marketing for Internists
  • Marketing for Medical Geneticists
  • Marketing for Medical Spas
  • Marketing for Nephrologists
  • Marketing for Neurologists
  • Marketing for Obstetricians
  • Marketing for Gynecologists
  • Marketing for Oncologists
  • Marketing for Ophthalmologists
  • Marketing for Osteopaths
  • Marketing for Otolaryngologists
  • Marketing for Pathologists
  • Marketing for Pediatricians
  • Marketing for Physiatrists
  • Marketing for Plastic Surgeons
  • Marketing for Podiatrists
  • Marketing for Preventive Medicine Specialists
  • Marketing for Psychiatrists
  • Marketing for Pulmonologists
  • Marketing for Radiologists
  • Marketing for Rheumatologists
  • Marketing for Senior Living
  • Marketing for Assisted Living
  • Marketing for Home Care

Website Design
(Hosting and Maintenance)

The Mauldin Group has a creative team that offers website development along with SEO, content management and graphic design all in one place. This keeps our projects affordable and carefully managed. A One-Of-A-Kind website requires One-Of-A-Kind experts. At The Mauldin Group we deliver customized, stunning websites with exceptional SEO. We develop YOUR website to assure that YOUR message is clear, communicates trust, and knowledge driving YOUR customers and clients to action.

Paid Advertising
(Google Ads / Bing Ads)

With an estimated 17.72 Billion smartphone users by 2024 mobile, PPC strategies are fast becoming one of the most sought-after areas of marketing. Customized PPC campaigns for mobile users are quickly becoming some the most in demand marketing needs requested from Internet marketing agencies. But the key is finding a team that can do it right.

Search Engine Optimization

When discussing digital marketing, a common metric is rankings on search engine results pages (SERP). Ranking refers to where a website lands in these results pages, with the most relevant hits for a particular keyword or user appearing at the top. Search engines like Google often customize SERP based on the user’s data, including location and past searches.

SEO leverages multiple resources to optimize content, helping websites organically reach the top of SERP. Through using keywords, earning inbound links from other sites, and similar techniques, your pages can gain a higher ranking and your website becomes more visible.

Social Media
(Marketing And Management)

Social media marketing increases traffic to YOUR website, improves search engine rankings, and reduces marketing expenses. But for social media marketing to work effectively a business it needs to be customized to meet YOUR goals, reach YOUR customers and communicate YOUR message. To do this, YOU need the expertise of a knowledgeable and creative team who can strategically generate creative, engaging content.

Content Marketing
(Blogs, Newsletters, Press Releases)

Good content, like much of digital marketing, is not limited to one type. To be effective it has to meet YOUR business goals, connect with the target audience, be of sharing value and communicated on the best platform. To accomplish all this, YOU need a creative, expert online marketing team who can discern which type of content published at the best time will encourage the greatest results for YOUR brand and lead generation.

By promoting good reviews and instantaneous sharing across social media platforms, YOUR business can increase its odds of capturing the interest of potential customers as well as rising to the top of search engine rankings. New customers will see YOU as dependable and trustworthy.

Traditional Advertising + Graphic Design
(Brochures, Logos, Trade Show Displays)

Traditional marketing encompasses all the communications, advertising, and public relations work that takes place outside of the Internet. Print advertisements are a major component of traditional advertising, but they’re not the only outlet. Traditional advertising also includes telemarketing, radio and TV ads, and even face-to-face marketing, such as tabling at a conference or event.

Corporate Branding And Identity

In addition to brand identity and design, The Mauldin Group also guides businesses in defining their brand through a customized marketing strategy and messaging. We help create content that tells your story, including your values, experience, and the qualities that distinguish you from competitors. Our creative team also provides ideas for communicating this story in a way that engages audiences.

Online Reputation Management

Through the avenues of social media and online reviewing platforms such as Google+, Yelp and Trip Advisor, information can now be shared at hyper speed. Learning the good, the bad and the ugly about YOUR business can instantly be reported to thousands of potential customers at the click of a button.

By promoting good reviews and instantaneous sharing across social media platforms, YOUR business can increase its odds of capturing the interest of potential customers as well as rising to the top of search engine rankings. New customers will see YOU as dependable and trustworthy.

Case Study

Village Medical operates clinics as part of the Walgreen’s Neighborhood Clinics program. Located across cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Village Medical, provides primary care services for annual wellness check-ups, women’s health services, weight management, vaccinations, smoking cessation programs, and more.

Entering into several new markets, The Mauldin Group was tasked with providing custom PPC and Social Media Marketing services for 200+ locations.

Using a carefully and strategically planned program for PPC using Google, Facebook, and Bing Ads, Village Medical experienced:

  • An average of 285,000+ Clicks Per Month
  • An Average 65+ Million Ad Impressions Per Month
  • An Average 13,000+ Phone Calls Per Month
  • Over 9,000+ conversions Per Month.
  • 25% Increased patient appointments
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